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Watch out for Psycho Cyclists

It’s spring (in theory).

A time for gentle breezes, green grass . . . and Psycho Cyclists.

Yes, drivers and pedestrians of Prince George, your time of peace and relaxation on the roads and sidewalks has come to an end, as a number of two-wheeled terrors have awoken from their winter hibernation to spread fear throughout the land.

OK, that may be a bit over the top, because the Psycho Cyclists represent a very small percentage of the cyclists in the city, just as the bad drivers cyclists complain about represent a small percentage of the drivers in the city.

In the past week, I have seen three different examples of cyclists who apparently figured the rules of the road and the laws regarding cyclists don’t apply to them. Coincidentally, there was a trio, a pair and a solo rider involved.

One evening, I was coming down Ospika when I saw a dark blob near the sidewalk, and, as I got closer, a couple of others on the sidewalk. I was eventually able to determine all three blobs were, in fact, cyclists, none of whom were wearing any sort of reflective material or had lights on their bikes.

As I drew near, the first blob I saw decided there was safety in numbers, and joined the other two – on the sidewalk. That’s just a little illegal, folks.

A couple of days later, I saw a pair of cyclists merrily riding on the wrong side of the street, going through intersections against the lights, and generally behaving as though they were the only people on the road.

Then, on Sunday, I saw a fellow riding in the bike lane and going the right way, with his helmet hanging from the handlebars.

Not sure how much good that’s going to do you.

So, citizens of Prince George, whether travelling on two feet or four wheels, take heed of the Psycho Cyclists.

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