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Humboldt Broncos loss

Prince George Hospice

The tragic loss of 15 lives has left us overwhelmed with sadness. The suddenness and magnitude of this accident jolts us to the core.

Hockey unites Canada with moments of national joy; but now we are brought together in the deepest sorrow.

We feel grief and sadness because we know how it feels to love. We grieve because we have loved and lost.

Acknowledge your grief – move into it. It’s real! The grief and sadness hurts. We feel empty…

And for some, acknowledge the fear and guilt that has been triggered. Parents/grandparents have sent our sons/daughters and grandchildren off in buses to sporting events. This is a parent’s worst nightmare come true.

“Why these kids and not ours?”

Bigger cities and smaller towns are gathering in hockey rinks to remember. We can start to heal. Unite, cry, share and remember.

With this tragedy our hearts have been opened. We have seen an outpouring of good deeds and acts of kindness…

  • GoFundMe campaigns to support the families of the victims and survivors.
  • Hockey sticks left on front porches across the country and even the Parliament building in remembrance.
  • Airlines have offered free flights, hotels and restaurants have offered lodging and food so families can travel.
  • One of the boy’s parents have donated his organs… the Gift of Life in Death.

We honour this loss. No blame in the world will make this less heartbreaking.

Forgiveness – and honour the tears that you carry.

The Prince George Hospice Society sends its condolences to the families and the Humboldt Broncos organization.

We have staff at Hospice that are available to those of you who need to come and talk or share your story.

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