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Cougars plan show of support for Humboldt, and the family of Brock Hirsche

The Prince George Cougars Hockey Club is facilitating plans for the entire community of Prince George to show support for Humboldt, as well sympathy to former Cougars captain Brock Hirsche, who passed away of cancer this past weekend.

Everyone is invited to come to the CN Centre Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m, to sign banners to both Humboldt as well as Brock Hirsche’s family.

The Cougars are reaching out to everyone in our community that is involved in any way with hockey:  coaches, players, officials, fans, parents, friends and relatives.  This Thursday at 6 p.m. at the CN Centre, the club will be organizing a group picture of everyone on the ice, which it will send to the City of Humboldt as a gesture of solidarity, sympathy, and support. Everyone is encoraged to wear hockey jerseys and bring signs.  Additionally, they want to send the picture to the Hirsche family, as a showing of support.

“This is a time where hockey transcends the game itself,” said Andy Beesley, Vice President – Business. “This is about one community showing support to another that is hurting, and to family members who we can all empathize and sympathize with.  For the many thousands of people that love hockey, this has been an extremely difficult time and we want to provide an opportunity for Prince George to come together in these trying circumstances.”

There has been a national call to make this Thursday “Jersey Day” in Canada, to show support for the Humboldt Broncos


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