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Rabbi to give talk at Civic Centre

Rabbi Yehudah Menasheh Goldstein
Rabbi Yehudah Menasheh Goldstein

Rabbi Yehudah Menasheh Goldstein is coming home.

And he’s going to talk about religion.

The former College Heights Secondary School student (Class of 1989) will be in Prince George April 17-18 to speak about his conversion to Judaism and the real Jewish Messiah son of King David.

He studied to be a Christian pastor in bible colleges however, contradictions and questions led him to seek answers not found in church.

“I left for Vancouver in 1996 and questioned why I would go to church on Sunday when the Bible says that the holy day is the seventh day,” he posted on his Facebook page. “My pastor in Burnaby told me that I was not allowed to speak to anybody about it in that large church and told me to go away to the 7th Day Adventist Church. I did. And as my research was ongoing, I went to the Jewish sources to learn even more. I decided that there were so many problems, and denominations and contradictions and unanswered questions with Christianity that I decided to join the Jewish religion.”

He studied at Jewish colleges in Brooklyn, Toronto and Israel. He changed his name and moved to Israel where he learned to be a scribe.

He now lives in Toronto with his wife and children.

He will be at the Prince George Civic Centre, Room 201, April 17 and 18 at 7 p.m.

“I am eager to share my story and after that to answer questions from people who are confused about religion.”

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