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Mother Nature’s cruel sense of humour

So Mother Nature decided to pull an April Fool’s joke on a Prince George a few days early.

That’s the only explanation I have for the snow we got Thursday evening and into Friday morning.

Either that, or the number of people who (a) put their snow shovels back in the shed or (b) changed from their winter tires last week.

It was a quite bizarre days on Friday on the roads. I got off, called Mom to say I would be over to help with her driveway, then went out and shoveled off my car.

No, I didn’t shovel my car out. I shoveled it off.

I have a collapsible shovel in the car and put it to full use clearing off the roof, since the snow there was quite deep and had crusted on the top, making it impossible to brush off.

So after shoveling my car off, I ventured out on the road with some trepidation, fearing my little vehicle was going to get stuck as a protest about having to drive through yet more snow.

I plowed through the snow with a lot less trouble than anticipated, and helped Mom with the driveway.

Actually, when I got to her place, I checked my cellphone (which had rung a couple of minutes earlier) and found a message from Mom telling me not to bother coming over, because she was finding it wasn’t that hard to clear the driveway.

Since I was there, though, I took over from her on the snowblower, and everything was going well until some idiot ran the snowblower into a puddle of water at the foot of the driveway, which clogged the blower portion up pretty good.

So it was back to the shovels, and then inside for a cup of hot chocolate.

I was out again later Friday afternoon, and couldn’t believe how bare the major roads were.

The snow cometh, and the snow leaveth.

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