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Halfway River and province reach deal

British Columbia and Halfway River First Nation are with a government-to-government agreement.

Halfway River First Nation is a signatory to Treaty 8. The community is approximately 100 kilometres northwest of Fort St. John on the Halfway River, and has 283 members.

Under the agreement, the parties will collaborate on land and wildlife stewardship in the nation’s territory, while working together to meet land management objectives in areas of cultural significance, and providing economic benefits to the Halfway River community.

The agreement commits B.C. and Halfway River to work together to recommend the establishment of Tsaa Nuna, a 6,000-hectare conservancy in an area of historical and cultural significance to the community.

Halfway River and B.C. have agreed to participate in a joint planning process in a portion of Tsaa Nuna and seek to agree on a responsible and balanced approach to the development of natural gas resources underlying Tsaa Nuna. Any land use changes in Tsaa Nuna are subject to engagement with stakeholders.

The government-to-government agreement also provides Halfway River with annual resource revenue sharing, and one-time funding of $5.8 million to support community priorities, which could include investments related to health and wellness, education, language and culture, community infrastructure, economic development, human resources and environmental stewardship.

Quick Facts:

  • The government-to-government agreement includes:
    • Commitments by B.C. and Halfway River to establish a joint Land Measures Working Group to develop recommendations for land management measures in areas of significance to Halfway River: Tsaa Nuna, Hackney Hills, Crying Girl Prairie, Chowade Valley, Cameron Valley, Cypress Valley and other significant areas.
    • Collaboration by B.C. and Halfway River on wildlife management, improving community well-being, economic development and sustainability;
    • Any land and wildlife measures that may be contemplated under the agreement will be subject to engagement with stakeholders;
    • $1 million in capacity funding provided over seven years;
    • Opportunity for Halfway River to pursue a Forest and Range Consultation and Revenue Sharing Agreement;
    • Opportunity for Halfway River to access $50,000 to undertake a carbon offset feasibility project.
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