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A beer and a cigarette


Prince George Hospice

This is a short story, but one that makes my heart grow.

He was in the hospital and it was suggested that he come to Hospice House.

He said, “no, he wanted to go home.”

It was not clear why…

Finally he told the doctors, “ I want to go home so I can have a beer and a cigarette.”

“Oh, you can have a beer and a cigarette at Hospice.”

“Really? Okay then I’ll go there.”

And so he came, and the first thing he did was have a beer and a cigarette. He was happy. Then he got into his bed and never got out of his bed again. He died a week later. It seems like such a small thing, but that beer and cigarette was a huge part of his journey. He was able to complete his last wish.

That’s why I love Hospice House.

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