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Is our freedom of speech under attack?

The Stand Up for the North Committee is organizing a series of regular “open mic” discussion meetings in which various topics of popular interest will be discussed. The first meeting is on Monday, March 19, and will focus on the topic: Freedom of speech and conscience as a human right

In Canada and the world today, the right of people to freedom of speech and conscience is under attack under various guises. For example, the federal government is pushing the need to combat what it calls “cyberwarfare” from foreign sources, but which very much sound like measures to further curb the rights of Canadians, according to a release from the Stand Up For the North Committee.

In addition, Google, Facebook, Youtube and other internet providers are collaborating with spy agencies, including the Canadian Security Establishment, the CIA and other intelligence agencies to monitor, restrict or ban individuals and organizations from presenting political views online and engaging in discussion.

As Canadians, we need a place to talk about these issues. Come out and express your views.

The format for these meetings will be a short presentation on the topic, followed by “open mic” where everyone will have an opportunity to speak, no matter their point of view or political persuasion.

Snacks will be available.

The first such meeting will be held Monday, March 19, at 5 p.m. at the Hospital Employees Union office, 1197, Third Avenue (use door around side on Dominion Street).

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