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Shed some lights on our traffic lights

I am having a very hard time figuring out what is going on with some of the traffic lights in Prince George these days.

Over the weekend, I was on Massey Drive and came to the intersection with Westwood Drive. There were vehicles waiting on both sides in the through lanes, so of course the two left-turn lights came on even though there was no one in either of those lanes.

They also stayed on longer than I think they normally do if there are vehicles turning.

I’ve seen the same thing at a couple of other intersections, where the light comes on for a left-turn lane when there is nobody there.

I also saw a rather strange one at the corner of 15th Avenue and Highway 97. I was on 15th, and the light turned yellow as I approached the intersection.

There was one vehicle in the northbound through lane on the highway, and they got a green light. I took a quick glance up at the lights, and got a bit of a surprise.

There’s was the only green light.

I have seen occasions where, with no one else coming through from the other side, the one side will get a through light and left-turn light (even if there’s no one turning). More frequently, both through lights will turn green.

I think this was the first time I saw just the one light come on.

A couple of other quick notes on two-wheeled and two-footed traffic the past couple of days.

With the temperature warming up a bit and the snow being cleared, I am seeing more bikes on the road. Well, I’m actually seeing more bikes on the sidewalk, since that seems to be where a lot of them are being ridden.

I was also at Spruceland Shopping Centre on Sunday, and had three different people step off the sidewalk to get to the parking area, and proceed to basically walk right down the middle of the lane to get closer to where they were parked, instead of walking directly across, and then going to the right row of parking.

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