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The Lipitones tackle racism fabulously

Who knew there could be so much hilarious drama in a barbershop quartet?

I had the pleasure of taking in The Fabulous Lipitones at Artspace Sunday evening and, believe me, drama and hilarity ensued. The play centres around the Lipitones, a barbershop quartet comprised of four middle-aged white guys. When one of the Lipitones goes to sing for the quartet in the sky (or perhaps down below, we don’t know), the three remaining Lipitones find themselves in search of a fourth in time for the big championship.

Somewhat by accident they find a fourth, but he’s not a middle-aged white guy. And the fun begins.

In these days when charges of racism are readily hurled at any disagreement, The Fabulous Lipitones tackles the issue head on, showing racism for what it really is … an irrational fear of the unknown.

It’s all done with humour and and song.

And, did I mention that these guys can sing?

A play about a barbershop quartet has to have some singing and The Fabulous Lipitones has plenty of it. Most of the songs drive the story along and the four actors – David Talbot, Gordon Roberts, Matt Lacas, and Stephen Aberle – can really sing and harmonize. The audience sees, and hears, a barbershop quartet. We don’t have to stretch the imagination at all. Talbot, Roberts, Lacas, and Aberle are spot on with more than just their harmonies. You will undoubtedly find familiarity in all the characters as stereotypes are celebrated and lampooned at the same time.

As well as providing some great, hilarious entertainment, The Fabulous Lipitones helps many in the community who need some assistance. It is a presentation of Anne Laughlin and Ted Price’s Miracle Theatre, which has the goal of raising more than $60,000 for the United Way.

The Fabulous Lipitones is showing in Artspace, above Books & Co. It’s a small space for theatre, but that small space makes it a very intimate setting.

There are no microphones, there’s no programmed sound. It’s just the four voices of The Fabulous Lipitones

The play runs until March 18. Performances will be every night except Mondays and there will be Sunday matinees.

Tickets are $32 and are available at Books and Co. – in person or by phone.

It you want to have some good belly laughs, some great harmonies, and some timely social commentary, check out The Fabulous Lipitones.

You won’t be disappointed.

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