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Condors loses to G.W. Graham Grizzlies at provincials


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Just as predicted, both teams hit the court with a purpose as the Duchess Park Condors tangled with the G.W. Graham Grizzlies at the provincial AA basketball championships.
The Condors opened up scoring with Sydney Lopez hitting two back-to-back layups in the first three minutes. But Deanna Tuchscherer answered back with six points in the first two quarters.
Duchess kept the lead by claiming a crucial three late in the first, which seemed to light a fire under the team. The Condors got on top heading into the second half with a score of 30-29.
All of the cubs came together in the final 20 minutes, giving the Grizzlies their first lead of the game midway through the third.
The momentum stayed on GW Graham’s side with an electric buzzer beater three-pointer to end the quarter.
The fourth quarter was nothing short of intense.
Fans were on the edge of their seats. There was even an opera show every time the Grizzlies made it to the foul line (if you’ve been to any SFU games, you’d recognize Cedric and his beautiful voice).

The Duchess Park Condor, after being down nearly 10 points, came within two with only five minutes to go, but . Both teams ran the ball well in transition, keeping the score tight. But it was GW Graham who bit back a little harder to ultimately win the game 68-64.

Jaya Bannerman had a massive performance, scoring 26 points and coming in clutch at the foul line by sinking 8/11 shots. Fittingly, she was named player of the game.
“This win was huge because we were not very good, so the fact that we battled and came out with a win is good for us,” said Grizzlies’ head coach Sarah Mouritzen. “We’ve had some easy wins through the season and haven’t had that many battles. So for us, that’s huge to get over that adversity.”

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