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Enjoying our best-ever winter Olympic Games

It can’t be the end of February yet, can it?

I mean, I know it’s the shortest month of the year, but it still seemed to go by quite quickly this year.

I suspect part of that was because of how much got crammed into this February, both locally and internationally.

Locally, I think most people will remember this February for the weather. I’ve talked to a number of people about the combination we got hit with a couple of weeks ago, and none of them could remember us getting that much snow in a short period of time, and then the temperature dropping as quickly as it did.

Normally, it seems, if we get a lot of snow, there may be a gradual tapering off of the temperature, but here we went from 25 inches of snow to minus-25 temperatures in about a day.

I have also heard a number of people saying they just don’t have anywhere to put the snow when they shovel their driveways now. We haven’t had any weather warm enough to do any melting, so the snowpiles continue to rise around the city.

Internationally, to me as a sports fan at least, the big story the past couple of weeks has been the Winter Olympics. Yes, it was a pain to follow at times because of the time difference between here and South Korea, but get used to it. The next Summer Olympics are in Tokyo, and the next Winter Olympics are in Beijing.

I loved the fact that Canada set a record for most medals at a Winter Olympics, despite some of our odds-on favourites going into the Games not doing well.

Both the men’s and women’s curling teams were picked for gold by a lot of people, and neither of them won a medal. Patrick Chan was considered by many as a strong candidate for a figure-skating medal, and didn’t make the podium.

But we had people like Kaitlyn Lawes and John Morris in the mixed doubles curling, who weren’t expected to medal because it was a relatively new sport in Canada compared to Europe.

We also had the men’s hockey team, who a lot of people figured would not medal without any NHL players in their ranks.

But they did, and I venture to suggest none of them took those bronze medals off for a while.

I just hope March, with no Olympics, will also have no wild weather.

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