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Snow brings challenges to Blacktop Blockheads

Going to do some Random Ramblings this week as part of my Amblings.

And yes, a fair number of them are road and weather related.

  • I had not seen one of my favourite types of Blacktop Blockheads this winter, but the recent snowfall brought them out of hibernation (or something like that). Many of the city streets may not have visible lines on them to indicate where the lanes are, but there are lanes down to the pavement showing where you should drive. Amazingly enough, where there are two lanes to drive in, there are almost always four sets of tracks. It doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to figure out, so why did I see three different people in the last week driving in the two centre sets of tracks?
  • I know from personal experience after the big dump of snow that the sidewalks could be very difficult to walk on, since while many of them were plowed, some weren’t. And I can understand why for some people, it would make sense to walk on the side of the road rather than try to slog through the snow on the sidewalks. But is there any reason why you would walk along snow-covered, slippery streets, many of which had ruts that could catch a tire in a split-second and redirect the vehicle – with your back to the traffic? Both sides of the street are going to be in the same condition for walking, so why not walk on the side where you can see the traffic coming, and take evasive action if needed?
  • My Mom has had problems the last week or so keeping her driveway clear, not because she can’t shovel the snow, but because she can’t shovel it high enough to get it over the piles at the sides of the driveway. She’s not alone. There are a lot of very large stacks of snow in the city right now, with one of the biggest being in the lot near 15th Avenue and Foothills Boulevard, where many of the city vehicles dump their snow. I live near there, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen the snowpile there as high or as long as it is this year.

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