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Unsecured load alerts police to an impaired driver

Police have many “tools” they use to search for and apprehend impaired drivers and can now add snowmobiles to that list.

On Sunday February 17, at 6:41 p.m. North District Traffic Service members were on routine patrol when they saw a Dodge Ram pickup driving on Highway 97. The truck was pulling a flat deck trailer and dragging two snowmobiles. The sleds had fallen off the deck, and the driver was apparently unaware that the sleds had come loose from the trailer. The driver did not seem to notice the “fireworks” display of sparks created as the sleds skidded along the asphalt. The driver had dragged the sleds for several kilometres before crossing the path of the police.

The police then created their own light show, activating the emergency equipment, stopping the vehicle near the intersection of Old Cariboo Highway and Highway 97 South. Several other motorists who saw the light show, were lighting up the phone lines at the dispatch centre to report this.

It wasn’t until police stopped the truck that the driver knew the sleds had come loose. It immediately became evident to the police that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. The driver was issued a 90-day immediate roadside suspension, the truck was impounded and the sleds were securely towed back to town by the tow truck company. The driver was also issued a Motor Vehicle Act violation ticket for unsecured load.

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