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Forget driving, snow was tough on walkers too

Last Thursday turned out to be a day I got a lot more walking done than I had figured on.

It started at about 10 to 8 that morning, when Reg Feyer called me from the studio at CFIS. Kathi Travers, who usually hosts After Nine on Thursday mornings, was stuck in her driveway, and Reg wondered if I could come in and help him do the show.

I said, “Sure,” since I knew the parking lot at my apartments had been plowed on Wednesday afternoon, so it would be drivable even with the fresh snow.

I went out, brushed my car off, backed out of my parking spot, and prepared to head out the flat exit from the parking lot.

And came to a stop as I found a car stuck right in the middle of the exit, with no driver in sight.

So back to my parking spot, hop out of the car, and start making tracks.


A fair bit of the sidewalks I had to take to start my walk to the office had not been cleared, so it was not the easiest walk I have ever had. Snow coming in the top of my high winter boots, occasionally tipping slightly sideways as I tried to find solid footing.

About halfway down 15th Avenue, though, the sidewalk had been cleared, so that made it easier. Except for at the intersections with streets that had not been plowed, where the churned-up snow again did its best to trip me up.

But I made it, and joined Reg for a full hour of After Nine with no guests making it in.

I did hear from one friend after the show, though, who said he had enjoyed it because we were talking about the weather situation facing the city, and not just chatting about whatever caught our fancy.

Then I slogged my way back home again afterwards, and collapsed for a couple of hours while my legs bitterly protested the whole experience.

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