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No school buses in Hixon, Bear Lake, McBride, and Valemount today

The winter weather has created an actual ‘snow day’ for some School District 57 students.

There is no school bus service for Hixon, Bear Lake, McBride and Valemount today due to road conditions. For information regarding any other bus routes, please contact Diversified Transportation at 250-563-5431.

The following are winter weather reminders regarding school buses:

  • Students shall not be expected to wait for a school bus more than 15 minutes past the scheduled pickup time. If the bus has not arrived by that time, students should return to their homes or another prearranged place of shelter.
  • Parents are encouraged to arrange for someone to accompany small children to and from bus stops during extremely cold weather. Kindergarten students must be accompanied to and from their stop by a designated adult at all times.
  • Parents are urged to develop emergency procedures with their children should they become stranded in cold weather. Please ensure that children have access to locked homes or other designated safe locations in case of a bus delay or other emergency.
  • Student baggage on school buses per Motor Vehicle Regulations 26/58, 35.14 (1) (c) (d) and (e)): Equipment such as skis, poles, toboggans, crazy carpets, sleds, skateboards, etc., are not allowed on regular school buses. If a school program requires this type of equipment, other arrangements must be made to bring it to school. Skates must have skate guards or be carried in a gear bag. If an item including band instruments and equipment bags cannot be held on a student’s lap, it cannot be brought on the bus.
  • Students are reminded to keep a safe distance away from all moving vehicles and not to “hitch bumper rides” on buses or any other vehicles.
  • Snow plows: The Ministry of Transportation and Highways warns students of the danger of playing near moving snow plows, particularly when the plows are throwing snow. The snow is thrown a considerable distance with great force and contains gravel and other particles that could inflict serious injury.

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