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Prince George RCMP urge caution on roads

The Prince George RCMP want to remind the public to take extra precautions while on area roads and to pull over for emergency vehicles.

During snowfall and poor visibility, it is very important for all drivers to slow down and drive to the conditions or the road.  Drivers must also be sure to clear all windows and lights of snow/ice so that driver visibility is increased and other drivers on the road can see them.  Turning on headlights not only makes your vehicle more visible from the front, but it also activates the vehicles taillights which will help other drivers see their vehicle in whiteout conditions.

During heavy winter conditions like today, emergency vehicles are responding to more incidents.  Drivers must pull over and stop to allow emergency vehicles with activated lights and sirens to pass.  Failure to do so is an offence, but more importantly will slow down emergency response and may cost someone their life.

The Prince George RCMP are asking drivers to reconsider the need to drive in poor winter conditions like today.  If you don’t need to drive, please avoid it.

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