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Coldsnap MC gig a whole lot of fun

When they asked me to be the MC for the Coldsnap Regional Showcase last Tuesday, they assured me ‘mc’ stood for ‘merely competent’.

I figured I could handle that role.

Then I got the four pages of notes on how to handle the role of host, or Master of Ceremonies, and I started to wonder.

It turned out to be a lot of fun, and I got to hear some great music from regional performers.

I also think I did turn out to be ‘merely competent’ at the job, so it’s not something I will be putting on any job resumes.

The showcase was held at the Legion, which is a venue I had not been in before for music. Turns out to have pretty good acoustics, and the night drew a good crowd.

What was interesting, for me, was not just having the chance to hear four regional performers (three from Prince George and one from Fort St. John), but the number of people I ran into there who I knew or who had connections with me in one way or another.

Trina Chivilo, for instance, was the first performer, and when I introduced myself to her as the MC, she asked if Cathy was any relation. I used my usual replay.

“I’m happy to admit she’s my sister; I don’t know if she’s happy to admit I’m her brother.”

Turned out that Trina knew Cathy from her work, and thought highly of her.

Then I ran into a few more people from the audience during the breaks between performances, and they were people I knew either from previous interviews with CFIS or the Free Press, or people I knew from ‘regular’ life.

It’s too late for you to get out to one of the showcase or any of the other Coldsnap events for this year, but I know if I’m asked to be ‘merely competent’ again next year, I’ll take the opportunity.

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