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RCMP urging motorists to be careful as snow expected

With an extreme snow fall is expected to move into central B.C. this evening with 30-50 centimetres of snow expected, RCMP are again urging motorists consider staying off area highways.

Driving in such adverse conditions can present many challenges. If you find that you need to travel the highways, the RCMP North District Traffic Services wish to remind motorists to drive according to the conditions of the road.

If you don’t need to be out in these types of conditions, perhaps consider changing or postponing your travel plans.

If you are travelling in winter weather, make sure you and your vehicle are prepared and equipped. Ensure that your vehicle fluids are topped up, and that your vehicle has winter tires. Perhaps consider carrying an emergency kit with you containing blankets, snacks and water in the event you encounter long delays in travel.

Winter weather can change in a matter of seconds and it is important that we prepare as best we can to handle what can happen.

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