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Lapping up funds for Brain Injured Group

Brooklyn ward, John Brink, Jason Keller, Scott McWalter, and Gordon Langer after a challenging workout at Keller's gym. Bill Phillips photo
Brooklyn ward, John Brink, Jason Keller, Scott McWalter, and Gordon Langer after a challenging workout at Keller’s gym. Bill Phillips photo

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We’ve all heard the line to ‘work hard for your money.’

We what about working hard to give your money away. That’s exactly what several Brink Group of Companies of employees did recently when the company decided to hand over a $600 cheque to personal trainer Jason Keller.

Keller was one of six athletes the Brink Group pledged $1 to for every lap they completed in the 600 Lap Challenge to a charity of their choice. Keller did 600 and before he accepted the cheque from company owner John Brink, he put several company employees through their paces with a workout routine that included battle ropes, tire tosses, a medicine ball toss, and a modified burpee that included jumping over a bench. Everyone goes through each station for a set period of time, usually a minute or two, and then moves on to the next.

“Everybody should be active at some point,” said Keller. “Maybe boot camp isn’t for you, maybe it is. The reason I like that kind of stuff is everybody can work at a different level. We get guys who are in really great shape and we get guys who are just average and nobody’s paying attention because everyone’s working hard.”

Keller has his gym in a former swimming pool room in his house in College Heights. The room has a great nature view out of the windows which also means privacy for people working out. Keller says he’s “living the dream” being able to make a living as a personal trainer.

And he took the Brink crew their paces, all of whom were sucking a bit of wind after going through the several stations.

“It’s an amazing gym and Jason took us through an amazing workout,” said Brink after the workout that included Brooklyn Ward, Scott McWalter, and Gordon Langer.

Brink, who is a competitive bodybuilder, says staying fit is very important.

“It keeps me fit physically and mentally,” Brink said. “The most important part is staying fit. Fitness is so important. I’m going to be 78 this year and age has no limit in terms of staying fit. You can either choose to lay on the couch and watch TV and think your old, or you can go out and work out.”

Keller is donating his $600 to the Prince George Brain Injured Group, an organization that is near and dear to him. In 2011 he fell off the Skytrain in Vancouver and was in a coma for a month. He then spent a year in hospital and his fitness regimen helped him with his injuries.

“I want to be able to show people … I should be in a wheelchair or a full care home for the rest of my life and look what I can do,” he said. “Look what you can do if you work hard.”

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