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Sani-dump plan gets dumped and recycling depot could go too


It’s not quite an open wound, but they’re literally throwing salt on it.

A report, requested by Coun. Frank Everitt and Coun. Brian Skakun, on the costs of re-opening the Quinn Street sani-dump has revealed plans that could result in the closure of the recycling centre at the 18th Avenue location.

City staff is looking at building a salt storage facility on the property, which would negate re-opening the sani-dump station and mean the closure or relocation of the recycling bins. Should council decide to re-open the sani-dump station, it would cost about $1 million to find a new location for the salt storage facility. Salt is currently being stored at the 18th Avenue works yard.

“We are under capacity with the space we have,” Gina Layte Liston, director of public works, told council. “We’re bringing in about half and we could run out. We don’t have any containment for any leachate that comes off those salt piles.”

That didn’t sit well with Everitt, one of the initiators of possibly re-opening the sani-dump.

“I struggle with this,” said Everitt. “I think there is a need within our community for this. If we were to charge $6 it would be a paying proposition … To me this just seems to be a move to short circuit that so we don’t have access to the dump facility.”

Mayor Lyn Hall said he doesn’t like the idea of losing the recycling facility.

“It will take away the recycling opportunities,” said Hall. “We’re not seeing a lot of recycling drop offs at the curb, if anything, we’re seeing the status quo. If we reduce that point of drop off, we’re looking at Vanway and Foothills (as the only other recycling drop off locations). That’s where my concern is …  I don’t like the factor that we could potentially lose it.”

The recycling drop off is actually operated by the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, which leases the property from the city. That lease is up later this year.

Council voted 4-3 to not re-open the sani-dump and simply receive the report from staff.

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