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A bitcoin for your thoughts?


A penny for your thoughts.

It’s a concept the youngest generation of Canadians may have trouble with, since we no longer have pennies in our monetary system.

I thought about that during the After Nine show on Monday when I was interviewing Tracy Calogheros about events at The Exploration Place, and she said, “you don’t have to spend five dollars, you don’t have to spend a penny” for one specific event.

And that got my train of thought running off the track about other expressions people of a certain generation will probably recognize, but those younger won’t.

One of my friends and I, whenever there’s a situation where we perhaps don’t want to take the blame (for something neither of us had anything to do with in the first place, honest), will point at the other guy and say, “He’s Jack.”

It’s a reference to a Bugs Bunny cartoon from days gone by with Bugs and Daffy Duck trapped in a giant’s castle. You know, kind of like Jack and the Beanstalk.

We get the reference; most of the people around our age get the reference; but we know full well that people even 10 or 15 years younger probably don’t.

It’s probably been the same throughout history, but I think it’s becoming more prevalent now because of the constant bombardment of cool new phrases and trends. Something that was ‘groovy’ at one time may have become ‘gnarly’ sometime later, then ‘rad’, then ‘bad’, and who knows what the expression is now, or will be in 10 minutes, when the whole new vocabulary comes into force through Facebook and the Internet.

I kind of like being able to use some of the old phrases. Younger people may not get the reference, but hey, for all they know we’re putting them down.

Linking back to where I started this column, I am reminded of the comment from comedian Steven Wright: “If it’s a penny for your thoughts and put in your two cents worth, someone, somewhere is making a penny.”

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