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B.C. residents say province made the right call to finish dam project: Poll


Number of residents saying a majority govt. is better for the province jumps in last six months

A politically risky call that might have threatened the future of the NDP government in B.C. is being met with the approval of just over half of British Columbians.

Fifty-two per cent say the Horgan government’s decision to continue construction of the Site C hydroelectric dam was the “right decision” – twice as many as say it was the wrong one (26%).

But while the decision on Site C may provide an added spring to the step of this nascent government, it will need to shore up what appears to be softening support for a key campaign promise to introduce proportional representation in B.C.

While a majority of 57 per cent in this province still say this type of electoral system is preferable to the current first-past-the-post structure, the latest public opinion data on BC issues from the Angus Reid Institute notes a drop in support since September, when 65 per cent said the same.

More Key Findings:

  • Four-in-five past BC Liberal supporters (78%) say the government made the right choice with respect to Site C. Much lower support – though still a plurality – is found among past NDP (44%) and Green (42%) voters.
  • While there has been a slight uptick in support for the current first-past-the-post voting system among BC NDP and BC Green Party voters, each still voice strong majority support for proportional representation. The largest change in opinion on this issue is among past BC Liberal voters. In September half (52%) preferred PR – that number has dropped to 36 per cent.
  • B.C. residents are evenly split regarding their disposition toward the government to this point. Fifty-one per cent are optimistic when they look at how the government is functioning, while 49 per cent are pessimistic. This is a notable increase in optimism since June, up eight points.
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