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JDC West team off to Calgary today


Tanner Moulton (left) and Adam Barlow of the UNBC JDC West team, which is organizing the Inside Ride this year. Bill Phillips photo
Tanner Moulton (left) and Adam Barlow of the UNBC JDC West team, which is heading to Calgary Thursday morning.


The JDC West competition is, undoubtedly, challenging. However, one of the biggest challenges for the UNBC students might be this morning’s 4.a.m. wake-up call.

The 50 team members braved the -20 degree Celsius temperatures and hopped on a bus in the wee hours of the morning, headed for Calgary and the annual three-day competition.

“We’ve been preparing since February of last year,” said Tanner Moulton, co-coach of the UNBC team. “Everything comes down to the wire this weekend.”

The event pits 12 university business schools in Western Canada, including UNBC, against one another.

The UNBC JDC West team has 10 academic teams, so 30 members who will demonstrate their expertise in areas such as financial, marketing, international, business. They break down a case analysis and do a presentation to a panel of judges.

Four members make up the social team who will compete in various competitions around the city, similar to the Amazing Race. There is an eight-member athletic team, which will compete in quiddich and Tchoukball, and a debate team that will take part in a parliamentary debate.

As one of its fundraising activities this year, the JDC West team took over organizing the Inside Ride.

The team is hoping to improve on last year’s results.

“We are the smallest university in the competition,” said Moulton. “So we know that going into it and we always surpassing the goals that we set for ourselves and standing up to the competition.”

Two years ago they placed ninth out of the 12 universities and last year they placed eighth. This year? We’ll have to wait and see.


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