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Tales from New Year’s Eve


Happy New Year to all my readers (both of you).

I spent this New Year’s Eve the same place I have spent all of them since I came back to Prince George – at Operation Red Nose.

It’s a great place to be. I know a lot of the other volunteers, even the ones who only come out once or twice a year, and I get along well with all of them. (Translation: They put up with my stupid, corny jokes without throwing me out in the cold.)

This New Year’s Eve, as usual, had a few stories coming out of it. One of my favourites was that of one driver who was back at headquarters after his team had completed a ride.

They had gone to a local establishment to pick up their ride, and as the other two members of the team got out of the escort vehicle, they were almost hit by another vehicle.

They picked up their client, and as they left the establishment, they saw that same vehicle parked at the side of the road – with a police car right behind it.

Karma to start off the new year.

We also (I think) found out why we got a few calls over the course of the past month from Kelowna. One of our telephone people got a call from there, and one of the other operators went online to see if he could find the right number for them to call.

What he found was a news site based out of Kelowna which had a story on it about Operation Red Nose. The story was about the Prince George operation, including our number.

We still don’t know how the fellow in St. John, New Brunswick got our number.

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