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It’s going to get even colder

Don’t let your thermometer fool you.

It is definitely a few degrees warmer today, at about -20 degrees Celsius, but there is a bit of a breeze coming out of the north making that -20 degrees Celsius feel more like -29 degrees. And it’s going to get colder overnight.

The low tonight is expected to hit -29 degrees Celsius and with the windchill, it will feel like -37 degrees Celsius. It’s not going to get any better on Saturday as the high is only expected to be about -25 degrees Celsius, with a 15 kilometre/hour wind putting the windchill at – 38 degrees Celsius. Saturday night it will dip down to -29 degrees Celsius and the windchill will make it feel like -34 degrees.

Bundle up and plug your car in.


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