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Wood stove exchange program returns in 2018

Want to get rid of that old wood stove in the basement and replace it with something better, something that doesn’t belch horrendous amounts of carbon into the air?

Now’s the time to do it because you can get some help. The Prince George Air Improvement Roundtable (PGAIR) has announced that the wood stove exchange program will be supported again in 2018 but has a limited number of rebates available.

The 2018 wood stove exchange program invites eligible residents of Prince George and the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George to trade in their old smoky wood stove for a new emissions certified wood stove to receive a $500 rebate, or receive $650 rebate if they upgrade to a natural gas or pellet appliance.

Program participants who require a heating unit permit through the regional government office are eligible to to have the $130 permit fee waived. This is an initiative of the provincial government, supporting the improvement of community air quality through the reduction of particulate matter and other emissions by providing incentives to upgrade older, smoky wood burning appliances.

The network of community organizations who run the program also provide education on clean burning techniques through workshops, pamphlets, websites, and social media. The PGAIR wood stove exchange program is a partnership with the BC Lung Association and the Province of B.C. and is also supported locally through contributions from the City of Prince George and the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George. Contact PGAIR for program eligibility and application information or explore our website.


1) PGAIR Woodstove Exchange Program Website:

2) Burn It Clean Tips:

3) BC Wood Stove Exchange Program Website: burning/exchange

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