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Beaverly fire department kicks off Hospice fundraising campaign


Beaverly Volunteer Fire Department donates $2,700 to Hospice House.
Beaverly Volunteer Fire Department donates $2,700 to Hospice House.

The kitchen at the Rotary Hospice House is what sets Hospice apart from other care places.

The kitchen is the “Heart of the House.” It is a place of gathering, comfort, and where families come together in love and support. There is sharing stories, reminiscing and home cooked meals for our friends and their families. This allows family and friends to know they are a part of the Hospice family.

The cost of feeding families and guests at Hospice for a year is $25,000, which is why it is launched its second annual Christmas fundraising campaign on December 11. The Give a Gift to Hospice campaign is being launched with the goal of enough money to purchase groceries for a full year.

The cost of groceries for the Hospice Society is $70 for a day, and $500 for a week. Hospice is asking the community to donate a day, a week or any amount (large or small) so that it can continue bringing friends, families and loved ones together in the comforting embrace of the kitchen.

Donations can be made in person at the Hospice Society or online at:

The Beaverly Fire Department kicked off fundraising with an incredible donation of over $2,700 raised at their annual Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast.

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