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Iron Ore Classic nails down title sponsor for 2018

Under the watchful eye of trainer Karley Green, John Brink trains for the bodybuilding nationals. Brink Group of Companies is the title sponsor for next year’s Iron Ore Classic in Prince George. Bill Phillips photo


Following up on a very successful event this year, the 2018 Iron Ore Classic is getting ready for an even bigger and better show next year.

The annual bodybuilding and physique event got a big boost this week as the Brink Group of Companies committed $15,000 towards the event and will be the title sponsor.

“It’s huge, absolutely huge,” said Karley Green of the sponsorship.

Green resurrected the annual competition in Prince George eight years ago and it has been growing every year.

“When I first started competing, the closest show was Fort St. John, then Kelowna, then Vancouver,” said Green. “We had six athletes who were competing. Now, there are probably more than 100 athletes competing from Prince George. There are more than eight gyms in Prince George. It’s great to see the it grow.”

The event will be held September 22, 2018 in Vanier Hall.

Green, who also trains John Brink, of the Brink Group of Companies, says the 77-year-old athlete is an inspiration.

John Brink of the Brink Group of Companies and Karley Green of the Iron Ore Classic. Bill Phillips photo
John Brink of the Brink Group of Companies and Karley Green of the Iron Ore Classic. Bill Phillips photo

“He shows that people can do bodybuilding,” she said. “It doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter where you started. Just commit. Be consistent. You can do it. Beyond that, he’s hugely supportive. He’s having fun.”

For Brink, it’s the fourth year he’s been involved as a sponsor.

“It’s doing great things for the community,” said Brink. “It’s doing great things for athletes. It’s terrific for heath, mentally and physically. It keeps you young.  It has turned into a fabulous venue for people who want proceed the regionals and the nationals.”

That’s the journey Brink has been on. He qualified for the nationals last year and is hoping to compete at the nationals and qualify for the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio.

“That’s my goal, before I’m 80,” he said. “It’s going to great, and I’m really, really excited about it.”

Next year the Iron Ore Classic will be sanctioned by the Canadian Physique Alliance. The Prince George show will be a regional show, meaning athletes can qualify here for a pro-qualifier, which is where athletes can get their pro card. There are five pro-qualifiers across the country. The pro-qualifier also qualifies athletes for the pinnacle of the sport, the Arnold Classic, which has five shows around the world.

“As an athlete, you want to compete and be diverse,” said Green. “The Iron Ore Classic is going to allow you to do that.”

The grand prize for the Iron Ore Classic will be two $2,000 sponsorships, male and female. It will also be a single show format, which means spectators can see all the action from beginning to end. Previously there was an afternoon and evening show.

There will be two guest posers – Dawn Alison, an International Federation of Body Building and Fitness pro, and her husband, Brandon Best, a pro-qualifier national level athlete. He competes in every male category and has a martial arts and boxing background.

“Literally, this is a power couple and they’re going to be doing a couple’s routine,” said Green.

Angel Stewart from Angel’s Aerial Fitness will be also doing a routine.

Athletes will soon be able to register online.

“I love to see people see themselves transform,” said Green. “I love to see the happiness in people when they feel fulfilled and accomplish something big.”


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