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Canfor work experience awards handed out


A group of Career Technical Center students will be presented with $1,500 awards, courtesy of Canfor. The students receiving the Canfor Work Experience Awards were given an opportunity to spend 240 hours at Canfor during the summer of 2017.

Canfor provided the work experience students with a thorough safety orientation and were mentored by group of certified tradespeople for approximately six weeks.

The work experience provided an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable workplace experience. They also provide networking opportunities as well as a chance to work on soft skills (teamwork, communication etc.). As these students enter the workforce, on the job experience will be extremely valuable in providing strength to their resumes. It will allow them to stand out amongst their peers in a competitive race for employment.

The seven students named to receive the awards are as follows:

• Justin Wittmeier

• Curtis MacDonald

• Joe Floria

• Nicholas Abley

• Brandon Gill

• Keanna Green

• Alora Henderson.

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