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Slip slidin’ away – with apologies to Paul Simon


I was hurting some on Sunday evening and Monday.

Nothing to do with any of my favourite sports teams losing or anything like that – I was literally hurting.

I had supper at Mom’s on Sunday evening. When I went to leave, I sort of noted the front deck at her house looked a little slippery, but it had been OK a couple of hours before that, so I didn’t think much of it.

As my feet flew out from under me when I took the first step down, I realized I should have thought more of it. As I landed on my back on the stairs, I realized I should have gone through the garage entrance, where there are no outside steps covered with ice.

As I completed the bounce off the stairs, my mind instantly comprehended the pain I was in. At my age, my first thought was, ‘Is anything broken?’

A quick assessment showed that all body parts were still attached and seemed to be pointed in the right directions.

There was, however, some pain in my right shin and my back was somewhat sore. Mom came out to make sure I was still alive, and after being assured that I was, went back in to get some Ice-Blast (or equivalent) to put on the deck and stairs for future visitors.

I made my way to my car and drive home carefully, figuring the roads might be just as bad.

The good news was the roads didn’t seem to be as bad as I feared. The even better news was that the vast majority of the other drivers were also driving slowly and carefully, even on the Ospika Speedway.

I got a surprisingly good night’s sleep, and woke up with some soreness Monday.

I decided to walk into the office, as much as anything to get the body parts moving, and had no trouble with most of the sidewalks I was on and the streets I crossed.

The only problem I encountered was at the crosswalk at 15th and the Bypass, where I discovered the paint used on the crosswalks is quite slippery. I didn’t hit the deck, but it was close.

So remember, people. The roads aren’t the only things that get slippery in winter.

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