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Skipper now on the job in Robson Valley


Robson Valley Regional RCMP Victim Services Coordinator Jen Quam, has been working with PADS (Pacific Assistance Dogs Society) from Burnaby for a year-and-a-half to get a dog for the Robson Valley Police Based Victim Services Program.

It is a lengthy process as the dog has to be matched to the handler and lifestyle as well as be appropriate for this type of work. Skipper lives with Quam full time.

Skipper will provide comfort and support to all victims of crime and tragedy, when appropriate and can attend court to support clients who are testifying.

In the Robson Valley Skipper is an ambassador to Victim Services Program as well as the McBride and Valemount RCMP detachments. Since moving to the area, Skipper has visited long term care at the McBride Hospital, McBride Library, and both local high schools.

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