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Boardwalk Properties offers helping hand into real estate business

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Boardwalk Properties agent nominee Gordon Langer (left) gives some real estate advice to agent Joe Postnikoff. Bill Phillips photo
Boardwalk Properties agent nominee Gordon Langer (left) gives some real estate advice to agent Joe Postnikoff. Bill Phillips photo


Have you ever thought of a career in real estate but didn’t know where to start? Or didn’t feel that you knew enough about the business of plunge in head-first?

Getting into the business will be a whole lot easier for four Prince George residents as they will do so with the full backing of Boardwalk Properties.

The company is going to help out four prospective realtors by paying for their real estate licensing course as well as set them up in an office and mentor the prospective realtors throughout the process.

Boardwalk Properties’ agent nominee Gord Langer followed his father into the real estate business and that mentorship was key in his success.

“It was my father who was my mentor,” said Langer. “He was a big developer in Prince George. He brought me into his fold and I got lots of support, lots of knowledge. I started off on the right foot in real estate.”

Langer started Boardwalk Properties in 1990 and has been agent nominee for 20 years. He will lend that expertise and experience to new agents looking to get into the business. The four prospective realtors will get their own office, access to web designers and videographers, social media expertise, and a managing broker who isn’t inundated with 50-60 other agents.

“I would consider myself an expert,” he said. “I’m a valued commodity to anyone who wants to get into real estate, because I enjoy it.”

Langer says having that support early on in a realtor’s career is crucial to their success.

“If you’re thinking of getting into real estate, it’s important to have that support because there are ups and down,” he said. “It’s not like you come into the business, sit behind a desk and the phone rings. You need guidance and you don’t get that in the real estate course. That I can do.

“You’re the master of your own destination. If you don’t work at this there’s no rewards, but if you work at it, the sky’s the limit. To be successful you have to do all the things the other realtors don’t like to do, or become complacent about.”

Langer’s mentorship is already showing through with realtor Joe Postnikoff, who has been learning the ropes from Langer for the past seven months.

“He has taught me a lot of the tricks of the trade, things you don’t learn in the school portion,” said Postnikoff. “It’s been a lot of fun. What we’re trying to give to new realtors is support. That’s what I was really fortunate to have. I came in and had a huge team around me. When you start out at other brokerages, you’re on your own.”

If you’re interested in a career in real estate and want to be one of the four who will benefit from the Boardwalk Properties advantage, simply apply to Boardwalk Properties at The deadline to apply is November 15.

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