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What are Canadians afraid of?


While darkness falls across the land, with the midnight hour close at hand, ghouls, zombies and ghosts (princesses, cowboys and pumpkins too!) prepare to head from house to house, evading tricks and securing treats. The witching – and wizarding hour – is close at hand.

But what about those Canadians who have long since passed their candy scavenging days? The Angus Reid Institute decided to offer them some fear and fun … in the form of the latest public opinion survey.

A new report from the Institute finds decreasing concerns about the safety of children on Halloween night, opinions on trick or treating past and present and asks Canadians what they’re most afraid of. If you’re feeling a chill, turn back now. If not, proceed with caution to find out what Canadians are saying about the year’s spookiest night.

More Key Findings:

  • The number of Canadians saying trick or treating is just as safe now as it was 10 years ago has increased to a majority (52 per cent) from 21 per cent in 1989 to 34 per cent in 1999.
  • Parents of young children are just as likely in 2017 (75 per cent) to say their kids will go out to trick or treat as they were in 1999 (74 per cent).
  • Older Canadians, those over 55 years of age, are much more likely to have stopped trick or treating by age 12 (45 per cent), while one-in-four Millennials (25 per cent) say they continued going out in search of candy until they were 15 or older.



  • Is Halloween safer now for kids?

  • Three-quarters of parents say their kids will trick or treat

  • How old is too old?

    • And when did YOU stop…?

  • What Canadians are most afraid of


Link to the poll here:

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