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Random ramblings from the snow and rain


I’m writing this column on a rainy day, which also happens to be a Monday, and that’s really got me down.

I think I’ll just go with some Random Ramblings this week.

* Saturday morning I woke up to snow in the air, and some on the ground. Luckily, the temperature was still high enough that it really didn’t affect the roads I was on much. That was good news for at least a couple of the other drivers, who decided just because there was a chance of slippery streets in some spots, that didn’t mean there was any need to slow down from their usual speed.

It’s times like that I sometimes hope for just one little patch of black ice to be in a shadowed area of the street.

  • I am a sports fan, which should come as very little of a surprise to anyone who knows me. That means this time of year is almost like heaven on earth (well, except for the weather in Prince George). We have the baseball playoffs underway, the CFL winding down its season, the NFL just getting nicely into its season, the NHL and NBA starting up, local hockey starting to run through its gears, Major League Soccer coming into the playoff stretch, European soccer starting to sort itself out, and all kinds of other sports, both local and not, to take an interest in.
  • I saw three examples this week of a driver who is not really a Blacktop Blockhead, but definitely isn’t paying attention. All three times it was at the pedestrian-controlled crosswalk at 15th Avenue and Nicholson Street. The driver in each case was looking to turn right from Nicholson onto 15th. A pedestrian pushed the button and crossed the road, and the driver just sat there, waiting to turn.

There is a timer counting down across the street from you, showing you how much time you have before the light on 15th turns green; you have vehicles stopped in both directions on 15th; and you sit there.

Pay attention, people.

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