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UNBC students rally for diversity following discovery of Nazi posters on campus


UNBC students rally in support of diversity Monday. UNBC photo
UNBC students rally in support of diversity Monday. UNBC photo

A cross-section of the UNBC community gathered in the Canfor Wintergarden yesterday morning at a student-organized rally to promote diversity and speak out against hate.

The rally follows the discovery of Ne0-Nazi posters being posted at UNBC and the College of New Caledonia this week. It’s the second time in three week such posters were distributed at the local post-secondary institutions.

UNBC president Daniel Weeks issued the following statement regarding the posters and subsequent student rally:

Earlier today, the UNBC community came together to rally against the menace of division, racism, and hatred. The rally, organized by members of our student body and attended by a cross-section of the university community, was in response to news that several posters promoting a certain, hateful point of view were posted on UNBC’s Prince George campus and other locations around Prince George.

It is heartening to see that our community has so swiftly and passionately risen to have their voices be heard. Whether it is the implementation of travel bans to events of racially based protests in other jurisdictions, I have said time and time again that this is not what UNBC is. Today was simply another example of that assertion.

Unfortunately, protests based on alienating others and the distribution of accompanying propaganda is happening at many other places. UNBC is not immune. Messages of hatred or intolerance, however, are not representative of UNBC, the fine community of Prince George, or Northern B.C.

We are a community that values social and cultural diversity. We welcome people from all walks of life, from scores of different countries, from all manner of faith, and from all sexual orientations. That is what makes our community strong. That is what helps us provide and share a vibrant and positive learning environment.

To overcome the promotion of twisted and unsanctionable ideals, I know that we, as a community, will continue to strive for greatness, and do our best to promote inclusivity over exile, unity over divisiveness, and love over hatred.

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