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Launch photon torpedoes!

Belinda Larisch demonstrates the Photon Torpedo at the Mini-Maker Faire at Two Rivers Gallery Saturday. The Photon Torpedo is a solar-powered vehicle. Bill Phillips photo

“Launch photon torpedoes” is a familiar Star Trek cry.

However, a different kind of photon torpedo was launched on Saturday at the Mini Maker Faire at Two Rivers Galley.

A solar-powered recumbent cycle, the ‘Photon Torpedo’ is a community project at the gallery’s Maker Lab. It is an electric vehicle built from scratch that is powered by on-board solar panels. Still in the early stages of planning, it is a single occupant, street-legal, low speed vehicle that has three wheels and travel up to 35km/h and has a range of 30 kilometres.

It is currently a 48-volt electric vehicle that, with the addition of solar cells, can be charged by the sun.

It was built by Belinda Larisch, Ian Simpson, and Reg McEachan.

The goals of the project are to create awareness of energy issues, explore alternative enery options in the North, and to engage the community in these issues, according an information sheet at the fair.

The builders plan to demonstrate that it is possible to operate a zero-emissions vehicle powered only by solar energy in Prince George. The project is providing an opportunity to bring the community together around a project that is enjoyable and helps participants learn about alternative energy for mobile applications.

Once complete, the Photon Torpedo will be available for community and education-based demonstrations.

Participation in the creation of the Photon Torpedo is open to all and anyone with an interest is welcome to join the group meets Thursday evenings at the Maker Lab in Two Rivers Gallery.

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