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Encouraging students to attend post-second institutions in northern B.C. is the focus of the campaign, launched Friday morning in Prince George.

The campaign focuses on raising awareness of the diverse and high-quality transferable programs available in the North. The four institutions in the North provide students access to world-class research, graduate and undergraduate degrees, as well as vocational, trades and technical programs. The campaign showcases the unique recreation options and welcoming, vibrant communities in northern British Columbia.

Melanie Mark
Melanie Mark

Melanie Mark, Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Training, was joined at the launch event by the presidents of the University of Northern B.C. (UNBC), the College of New Caledonia, Northern Lights College and Northwest Community College. The four presidents, along with the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training, form the Northern Post-Secondary Council, which initiated the campaign.

“Northern British Columbia is an amazing destination for students to study, work and play,” said Mark. “The region is one of the most incredible parts of our province. Welcoming communities, and opportunities from post-graduate research to degrees through to trades, will empower our students to thrive and succeed.”

Attracting a greater number of students to the North will help strengthen the post-secondary system in the region, she said. More students mean even more program choices, additional student services and amenities, and increased student diversity on campuses. The campaign also helps to increase the skilled-labour force available to regional employers.

“When I first came to Prince George from Kenya, I was initially taken back by the stark difference between Nairobi and Prince George, but I quickly came to love this community,” said Leila Abubakar, international student and CNC graduation. “The community at the College of New Caledonia and University of Northern British Columbia made me feel welcome, and now that I have completed my education, I call northern B.C. home.”

The campaign showcases the broad range of degree, diploma and certificate programs available at the four northern institutions, and tells the story of the many opportunities and benefits of living in the North, including lifestyle, affordability, friendly communities, world renowned wilderness and recreational opportunities, and exceptional career prospects.

With few waitlists for most post-secondary programs in the North, students can start their education and training immediately. B.C.’s well-regarded transfer-credit system allows students to begin or complete their educational journey in the North with the ability to take their credits with them and apply them towards a program at another institution.

The Northern Post-Secondary Council works to promote and enhance post-secondary education in the North through collaborative initiatives.

The initial phase of the campaign is expected to run until the end of the year.




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