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Change your driving with the seasons

We’re just over halfway through September, and it seems that the month will live up to its reputation in Prince George of being four seasons in 30 days.

We’ve had a few nice, summer-like days (without getting up to 30 degrees), we’ve had some very pleasant spring-like showers, we’ve had some not so pleasant autumn-like showers, and there seems to be a good chance we’re going to get some early-winter conditions before the month is over.

The thing I have noticed with all this weather is how some drivers still don’t seem to understand the concept of driving to the conditions. I have seen a couple of vehicles coming at me through very heavy rain or fog, without their lights on. It does make it a lot harder to see them.

And I really pay attention to those vehicles. I figure if the driver isn’t intelligent enough to realize they should have their lights on in those conditions, they may not be intelligent enough to understand the concept of lanes and keeping your vehicle in yours.

I’ve also seen drivers go speeding through red lights (not uncommon in Prince George at any time of the year), and I suspect some of them will already be trying the excuse when they get pulled over of “well, the road looked kind of slick, so I didn’t think I could stop in time”.

Well, if you’re going 90 down Highway 97, no, you probably couldn’t have stopped in time, but it had nothing to do with the road conditions.

I have to admit I saw a couple of drivers this weekend who took things too far the other way. When you’re on 15th Avenue and the road is clear and bare and the sun is shining and there is no fog, I don’t understand why you think you can only drive 40.

It frustrates me a little bit, but I just give them a little extra room. I do know, however, if I’m driving 52 in the city, there are drivers who will pull up right behind me to try and get me to break the law.

I can only imagine their feelings if they get stuck behind someone doing 40.

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