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Water line repairs underway in Bowl area

Residents in the bowl area may experience discoloured water or low water pressure over the next few days while city crews complete repairs on a water line.

Late yesterday, a sizeable water leak was discovered near a city well at Wilson Park. Crews shut down a water pump to stop the leak. Some localized flooding occurred but only within the boundaries of the park. The cause of the leak was determined to be a faulty gasket and a repair operation is now underway.

A temporary bypass pump has been set up to ensure Prince George Fire Rescue Services continue to have adequate water pressure to meet their requirements.

Tap water remains safe to drink, but may be cloudy or discoloured. Residents are advised to run their water until its clear to avoid drinking discoloured water and before doing laundry.

Repairs are anticipated to be completed and water pressure completely restored for the bowl area by Thursday.

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