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School district updates emergency procedures

School District No. 57 now has new emergency procedures in place.

A review of the district’s emergency preparedness processes, procedures and communication strategies has led to changes in emergency response planning.

Community recommendations were invited and considered, an advisory committee involving school district staff and community stakeholder representatives met to consider improvements and the school district engaged the services of an Emergency Preparedness Procedures consultant to assist with the work.

The updated processes are consistent with British Columbia Ministry of Education recommendations and are designed to represent best practice and to standardize procedures throughout the province. The new processes involve various levels of responses to hazards. These categories/levels of response are designed to align appropriate security measures to the level of risk presented and to describe the situation in clear language. Readers will find the

Parents and guardians will receive written information regarding the new procedures as their children and youth begin classes. Staff have received training. The new processes will be reviewed with students and rehearsed by staff and students throughout the 2017-18 school year.

Should schools experience an event requiring an emergency procedure, the school(s) affected and School District No. 57 (Prince George) will communicate through their websites as soon as is possible.

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