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The principles of handicapped parking spots

At the Spruceland Mall, there is a spot in the parking lot with two facing spots.

One is marked ‘Taxi’; the other is marked ‘RCMP’.

So, of course, when I was over there on the weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing someone pull into not one, but both of those spots to drop a passenger off.

I’m sure they would argue they were only going to be a few seconds, and besides, there were no cabs or police vehicles to be seen.

I guess that just means this driver doesn’t believe in principles, unless you consider, “How can I make my life as easy as possible” a principle.

You see it with spots designated for the handicapped. People pull in to drop someone off, or just to run into the store for a minute. And the spots are usually so conveniently located close to the store.

Well, yes they are, for the convenience of the handicapped person. Not for your convenience.

There are a couple of handicapped spots in front of Books & Company on Third Avenue. The past couple of Saturday mornings, I have seen at least one person each week park in the handicapped spots while they went over to the Farmers’ Market right across the street.

I have also seen a couple of vehicles start to pull in to the spot, see the ‘Handicapped’ sign, and pull out to park a couple of spots up along the row.

I haven’t seen any of these people gasping for breath as they walk the extra 40 or 50 feet back to their vehicle after shopping at the Market.

I don’t know. Maybe having principles helps your cardiovascular system.

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