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Close to 500 speeders nabbed over the summer

One of the most frequent complaints that the Prince George RCMP’s Municipal Traffic Services Section receives, is of speeding vehicles.

The Prince George RCMP takes these complaints seriously and has included road safety as one of its strategic initiatives for this year.  As a result, the Municipal Traffic Services Section has increased and enhanced its patrols throughout the summer, primarily focusing efforts where speed causes serious injury at high-risk collision locations.

The Municipal Traffic Services Section has issued 489 speeding tickets over the last 60 days, since school ended in June.  Of these offenders, 20 were travelling at an excessive speed of more than 40 kilometres per hour over the posted speed.  This resulted in having the vehicle they were driving seized for seven days and a speeding ticket of at least $368.

The Traffic Services Section is committed to increasing road-user safety, while decreasing the number of collisions at high-frequency locations within the City of Prince George.  Officers will continue to provide increased and enhanced patrols for speeding throughout our community.  Please slow down and do your part in keeping our roads safe.

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