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Mini Med School offers glimpse into life as a med student

For those who have always wanted to know what it’s like to be a medical student, or to have the opportunity to learn more about the human body, a new program this fall will showcase the world of medicine and related education.

The Northern Medical Program (NMP) will be offering a Mini Med School curriculum, open to interested members of the public. The program will run for six consecutive Wednesday evenings  starting October 11 and ending with a mini-graduation on November 15.

“Our Mini Med School will give a people a sneak peek into how medicine works,” said Dr. Malgorzata Kaminska,NMP assistant professor, local family physician, and organizer of the new NMP Mini Med School. “They will get a chance to learn about basic sciences, research, the patient experience and much more. If you have ever wanted to get a taste of medical school, without the long hours and 10-plus years of commitment, this is your chance.”

Topics for this fall’s sessions will cover a range of information, from how doctors think about a diagnosis to how bones heal to dealing with trauma in the emergency room.

Registration cost for the six-week program will be a flat fee of $30.

Presenters for the sessions include various Northern Medical Program faculty. Attendees will have the opportunity, over the course of the program, to participate in hands-on learning activities as part of the mini med school experience.

Mini med school programs can be found running across the country at various universities including UBC, Dalhousie, McMaster, and McGill, among others, using a variety of program formats.

The first mini med school in Canada was started at McGill University in 2003.

Learn more about the Northern Medical Program’s Mini Med School, including lecture topics:


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