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Catching up with friends at the BCNE

You can’t say the weather didn’t cooperate with the B.C. Northern Exhibition on the weekend.

A bit of wind, the occasional little sprinkle of rain, but otherwise a pretty good weekend.

I spent a decent amount of time in Kin 1 (again) this weekend broadcasting live, but it wasn’t lacrosse this time. CFIS had our mobile broadcast booth set up for all four days, and I was manning the mike for a couple of hours each day.

When I went outside, though, I saw something familiar, and so it’s time for another edition of Blacktop Blockheads.

The most common thing I saw was people driving along the road in front of the main entrance gates as if they were on the highway. OK, they may not have been going 90, but they were definitely going too fast for a road with as many other vehicles and pedestrians on it.

And while this isn’t really a Blockhead move, it was funny how many people I saw come into the grounds off 18th Avenue and head up to the parking area right in front of the main gates. I mean, yes, there’s a chance that someone is going to be leaving one of those spots just as you pull up, but the odds are pretty slim.

As I said before, the weather was pretty good, so I usually parked closer to 18th Avenue and walked a bit.

I do have to say the Blacktop Blockheads at the BCNE were definitely in the minority. Most of the drivers, as usual, were driving at an intelligent speed, and showing respect for the pedestrians. The pedestrians also did their part, as I saw very few of them just suddenly cut across the traffic flow. Most of the time they took a look, saw an open space, and then moved across at a decent rate of speed.

So it was a pretty good weekend, and I saw a fair number of people I knew over the four days. That, for me, is what the BCNE is all about.

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