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Hay available for ranchers impacted by fires

There is a provincial agreement in place to bring in hay for Cariboo area ranchers impacted by the fires within the North East Provincial Regional Emergency Operation Centre area (Prince George).  The 2017 emergency hay is provided for up to a 14-day duration for commercial ranchers in a situation where they are left without forage,  due to fires.

The need in other regions still has to be determined to see if other agreements are needed.

The purchasing and hauling of hay for emergency reprieve in this area is being coordinated through the North EastProvincial Regional Emergency Operation Centre in Prince George.

Ranchers must have form 514B (click here for form)  completed for each producer in this region requesting assistance for hay, and submit back to the  centre, through this email:   AGRI Emergency Management Interior AGRI:EX .  If folks need help filling it out the B.C. Cattlemen’s Association can also assist over the phone at 250-561-3514.

Eligible for compensation (emergency hay)

  • The current forage (pasture or range) has burned and there are no alternative forage sources available.
  • Livestock are relocated on the home place and are consuming winter forage supply, and/or housed on hay fields.
  • Livestock are relocated away from of the home place and are being fed an alternative hay supply.

o   Two options:  can either bring in hay to replenish the hay stocks if the supplier is depleting their winter hay storage; or if whomever is supplying hay has excess , this hay can be purchased on location (through the emergency operations centre) to feed the livestock being housed.  One goal is to ensure that fall and winter hay supplies are not depleted.

  • Four days after an order has been rescinded and livestock cannot safely be transported home.

Remember that relocation compensation should be used during the evacuation order and alerts.

This is not intended to be stockpiled, it is to be utilized now as a two week supply for the ranchers impacted.  This will give the ranchers more time to find alternatives without depleting their fall/winter hay.

If ranchers have any questions please contact NE PREOC Agriculture staff at AGRI Emergency Managment Interior AGRI:EX , 250-561-3514.


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