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Making something? Take it to the Mini Maker Faire

Mini Maker Faire is looking for creative people, tinkerers and inventors to show their stuff.
Mini Maker Faire is looking for creative people, tinkerers and inventors to show their stuff.


Do you make things? Are you in the process of making or inventing something?

If you are, you should show it off.

Prince George is joining cities around the world, to hold the greatest show and tell on Earth.

Talented people around the world are coming together. These ‘makers’ are building amazing things; Maker Faire is the place to share them.

In Prince George, there will be a ‘mini’ version of events being held in New York, Paris, Berlin, and many other major centres. The Mini Maker Faire is set for Saturday, September 30 at Two Rivers Gallery and in Canada Games Plaza.

“It will be an all-day event featuring makers and tinkerers of all kinds,” said Roanne Whitticase, MakerLab Coordinator at Two Rivers Gallery.

The Mini Maker Faire will feature a printmaker, ethereum miner, forager, virtual reality builder, knitter, wood-turner, and many more.

Right now, the gallery is trying to find even more of these creative people. You may be working on a project in your home or shop and, if so, Maker Lab want to see your talent.

“Anyone can apply to be involved with the actual event,” said Whitticase. “You can come down and exhibit what you’re making. It could be anything. There are people with their own 3D printers, quilters, the potter’s guild, the fibre arts guild. Mostly we have people who are inventing things. It could anything from a professional craftsperson to a kid who has a science project they want to show.”

Catherine Ruddell, who is a textile artist and a surface pattern designer, will be attending this year’s event where she will have booth and give demonstrations.

“I will be presenting one of my larger projects, which is called the Creatively Sustained Quilt,” she said. “It’s the project that kicked off the brand and the vision for my creative business.”

One of the things Ruddell makes is rubber stamps.

“It’s a form of print-making,” she said. “I think a lot of people are really trying to get back to using their hands and getting messy doing things that, and the end of the day, they can actually hold and save.”

Ian Simpson is one of the mentors at the the Maker Faire and will be running the soldering station where participants can learn to solder.

“We have a very small circuit board that they can solder together and they go home with a little badge, which is a robot with blinking eyes,” he said.

Simpson said the diversity of Maker Faire has always been what has drawn him to be involved in the event.

“It’s neat to teach kids to do something, as Catherine said, with their hands,” said Simpson. “To go away at the end of the day with a tangible accomplishment really reinforces them.”

If you know someone who’s working on an interesting project, please tell them about Mini Maker Faire.

They can apply online here.

This is the third year Two Rivers Gallery has hosted a Mini Maker Faire. The event will include artists, vendors, performers, and lots of hands-on activities for people of all ages.

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