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Kluskus, Blackwater, Clisbako, Nazko evacuation order expanded

An expanded evacuation order has been issued by the Cariboo Regional District for the Kluskus, Blackwater, Clisbako area. The order expands on the one issued on yesterday afternoon.

Due to immediate danger because the fire, members of the RCMP or other groups will be expediting this action.

The evacuation route is along Nazko Road to Quesnel.


  • You must leave the area immediately
  • Register at the ESS Centre in Quesnel at 500 North Star Road
  • Close all windows and doors
  • Shut off all gas and electrical appliances, other than refrigerators and freezers
  • Close gates (latch) but do not lock
  • Gather your family: take a neighbour or someone who needs help
  • Take critical items (medicine, purse, wallet, and Keys) only if they are immediately available. Take pets in pet kennels or on leash.
  • Do not use more vehicles than you have to.
  • Do not use the telephone unless you need emergency service.

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