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Hart water system upgrade underway

The city is beginning a large infrastructure project starting designed to enhance the reliability of the city water system and improve water service in the Hart.
The project involves two parts:
  • a new 3.6km water main that will provide redundancy for the existing water main that was installed in 1973. This new water main will start from a pump station (PW650) just north of the Foothills Blvd. and North Nechako intersection and proceed to the Vellencher Reservoir (PW817) at the top of the hill. The routing of the water main along Foothills Blvd. will also make it much easier to access when future maintenance is required.
  • replacement of a water pump station just south of Vellencher Road, at the terminus of the new water main. The current pump station is more than 35 years old and lacks back-up power. The new pump station will be adjacent to the reservoir and improve fire flow throughout the Hart. These improvements will meet modern-day standards and allow for future development.
Together, the two projects are estimated to cost about $9.5 million. The construction is expected to start this month and continue through to the end of November.
Traffic disruptions
The installation of the new water main along Foothills will require that one lane of traffic is disrupted for the duration of the project, meaning that there will typically be one lane of traffic going up and one going down. At times, there may be single-lane alternating traffic. Short term closures (three to five days) will occur at Vellencher and Stauble Roads. Please obey traffic signs.
Motorists are reminded that Highway 97 provides an alternate access between the Hart and other parts of Prince George.
For cyclists and pedestrians
  • Access to the Pidherny Trails will be maintained but modified.
  • With the south-bound lane of Foothills closed, pedestrians and cyclists on Foothills Blvd. will be affected during construction. Note, however, that the completion of the project will enable the City to expand the existing bikeways along Foothills Blvd, widening the north-bound lane to 2m wide and the south-bound to 2.5m.
Open House – July 25
Information about these projects will be presented on Tuesday, July 25 during an open house at the Hart Community Centre on West Austin Road. It will be held from 4:30-6:30 p.m.

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