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Surveillance video captures theft from truck

Investigators are requesting the public’s help in identifying two people believed to be involved in thefts from vehicles in Prince George.

On July 3, the Prince George RCMP received a report of a theft from a motor vehicle on Williams Crescent, off Ferry Avenue in Prince George. Some cash and personal documents were stolen earlier that morning.

Surveillance images from the property show a male trying to open a locked car door before entering an unlocked pickup truck. The man rummages through the truck, as a woman accomplice appears to ‘keep watch’ on the street. The woman then walks up a driveway across the street and tries to open a locked door on a vehicle, but is unsuccessful. The man exits the truck and walks to the neighbouring driveway where he attempts to open two more locked vehicles, unsuccessfully.

Surveillance video of a man and woman attempting to open vehicle doors on a residential street. One unlocked truck is opened by the man and items stolen.

Of the five vehicles that the suspects attempt to open, simply by trying the door handle, four of them are locked and left unharmed. The truck is unlocked and has items stolen. All five vehicles were checked in about 90 seconds. Please ensure that your vehicles are locked whenever unattended and that valuables are never left in your vehicle. Invest in an anti-theft device.

All attempts by officers to identify these two individuals have been negative so far. Police are now requesting the public’s help in identifying them.


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